editing & proofreading.

Don’t let bad editing be the reason your book gets negative reviews. At Inky Soup, we believe that writing is an art form. And with our team of word-wizards, not only will we match your book’s subject matter with the right editing expertise, you can be sure that your finished manuscript will be a well crafted, highly-compelling read.

We don’t *just* do surface-level copy edits, oh no. We go DEEP. Whether it’s grammar, punctuation, typos, consistency, or the more structural tone, style and flow, not to mention a once-over by our hawk-eyed proofreader, your manuscript will get the love and attention it deserves to be the absolute best it can be.




Deep Edit: £15 per 1k words

Proofreading: £8.50 per 1k words

Editing & Proofreading: £20 per 1k words (save £3.50 per 1k words)

Rewriting: £30 per 1k words*

Ghostwriting: £50 per 1k words*

*Includes editing and proofreading

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